Who am I?

Hy, I'm Robin Lenaerts, my study, passion and hobby is IT. I'm a first year student IT-Factory at the campus of Thomas More Geel. In 2000, I was born in Belgium and I still live here alongside with my family. At the age of 16, my interest for IT began rising at high speed and I entered a big new world which I've heavily explored over the last years.
My interests in IT are very wide. That way it's very interesting for me to find out which path I will follow and what I want to do after my studies. The only thing I'm sure of, is that I'll definitely do something with IT!

Picture of Robin Lenaerts

Why this blog?

The reason why I started this blog, is because I want to share the way I travel through the world of IT with people who have the same interests as me. I thought it would be nice to share things I'm working on and maybe this blog can be a place for you to get some idea's for your own projects!

When will I post?

There is no such pattern in my posts, but I'll try to let you guys know about projects I'm working on or new things I've learned. Maybe after a little time of posting, I'll find a pattern that works fine for me. Just know this is something totally new for me and I'll try my best to keep posting!