Raspberry Pi Escape Room Puzzle
#4 Escape Room Puzzle

The end of my first year at the IT-Factory is coming closer. So that means another awesome school project! This time it's a puzzle for a real escape room!

Posted on 26th May 2020

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Raspberry Pi Escape Room
#3 Escape Room

I used Python to make my own old style escape room on my best friend, the Raspberry Pi!

Posted on 4th April 2020

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Raspberry Pi Weather Station
#2 Weather Station

A couple days ago I've built a weather station with a Raspberry Pi 4B. With the help of Ubeac, I can now follow my captured data form all around the world!

Posted on 31th March 2020

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Raspberry Pi Web Server
#1 My own Web Server

Today I've build my own web server on a Raspberry Pi 4B. I've been intensively working on it for a couple hours today, and now he's ready to go online!

Posted on 8th february 2020

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